Advice on Compensation for Poor Care and Negligence

POOR CARE can be the result of a patient being in the confines of a nursing home or by a nursing agency in one’s own home and is one of the most common types of abuse in care . 

Because of the demographics of the elderly, there is an increasing number of people who are dependent on the care of the nursing home in the simple tasking of daily living and survival. 

Many are abused because of their age when they cannot effectively complain, and hence suffer abuse at the hands of those charged with their care.

Many residents of nursing homes are treated with cruelty with their food requirement, or physically beaten, or neglected, and often isolated from the general patient populations. The proprietors of these nursing homes have enormous responsibility and complaints are usually generated by relatives rather than the intimidated client themselves.

If you, as a relative have problems with the care given, we are able to advise on your rights as a client or patient of the home.

We will investigate this matter for you. Abuse may take the following form: physical assault, with bruising, sexual assault, long periods of constraint with hands or legs being restrained, unreasonable use of medications etc.

Neglect is a matter for relatives to determine. There will never be the suggestion from the nursing home itself or mistreatment and every defence will be made by the nursing home to justify an action. However a variation of the physical and mental care of your relative according to the standard expected in the community, is the basis of an initial complaint.

Your relative may be terrified of making a complaint and hence it is important that you do so.

Every assistance must be made by the nursing home to provide excellence in physical and mental health including hygiene, food and the overall wellbeing of your relative.

If you know someone who is suffering because of poor care we can help you.

Please fill in our form and we can ask one of our many consultants to look at the facts before asking an experienced lawyer to ring you without cost to you.

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